Mindset Mini Course

A FREE six-day email course that teaches you about mindset barriers that are getting in the way of your goals actionable steps to address those barriers. 




  • Six lessons delivered to your mailbox.
  • Lessons take 10 minutes to complete.  

Topics include:

  • what mindset is and WHY it is important to achieving one's goals,
  • the importance of awareness,
  • how to combat all or nothing thinking and,
  • the difference between fixed and growth mindsets.


Mindset isn't something that you can be taught how to do. It is learned through practicing techniques.

In the Mindset Mini Course you will receive case studies and reflection assignments to help you make connections that will help you when you encounter similar situations in real life. 



Hi! I'm Renee.

I am a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a Coaching Specialist through Girls Gone Strong, and also certified in Health Mindset Coaching.  

Prior to entering the health and nutrition field, I worked as a Behavior Specialist at a therapeutic school. I have 20 years of experience helping individuals identify problematic behaviors and work towards behavior change.  

As a health and nutrition coach I work towards empowering women to adopt sustainable health habits. These habits help women to nourish and move their bodies while breaking the diet cycle.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Listen to what previous clients have to say

Kate McMurray


Since working with Renee, I have learned so much about how mindset impacts success with nutritional goals. Before getting to know her, I would “diet” in a very limiting and unrealistic way. This would set me up to feel like a failure when I broke from the very restricting diet.

The biggest takeaway that I have gained from working with Renee is to be kind to myself and to make those indulgences work into my life in a realistic way, to plan for them and to move on after having them. Who knew that by ditching the all or nothing mentality would actually make me more successful? 

Jess Cohen


As someone who has done meal plans and nutrition coaching in the past I finally feel like I've found the right fit. Renee has helped me to get to the root of WHY I have the patterns and relationships with food and the eating that I do. This has allowed me to begin to unpack healthy behaviors and create new practices to lead me towards my goal

Mindset is often overlooked but is a crucial component to reaching your goals.  

This course is a great introduction to learn about your mindset barriers as well as giving you evidence-based steps to address these obstacles.

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