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Renee Bellinger

Hi, I'm Renee Bellinger

Founder of Renee Bellinger Coaching, LLC


This is my Story

I wasn't someone who was always interested in nutrition and fitness. I wasn't involved in sports as a child.  I ran track in high school but only enjoyed meets. I didn’t take training seriously and didn't understand why we were supposed to do weight training.

I started going to the gym in my mid twenties strictly for the purpose of trying to maintain my weight. I became interested in nutrition when I was in my late 20s for the sole purpose of losing weight. I was taught how to read nutrition labels and focused mostly on low carb foods. I dropped a significant amount of weight but gained it back after I reintroduced some of my favorite foods back into my diet. That began a cycle of chasing that “ideal” weight on and off for 8 years.

After the birth of my daughter and subsequent miscarriages, I wanted to take control of my life. I reached out to a nutrition coach and it was life changing! It was the first time I learned how to eat to fuel my body in an appropriate way without feeling deprived and in a manner that I found to be sustainable. It also introduced me to the love of strength training and the changes I could see in my body from lifting. 

In addition to being certified in nutrition and health mindset coaching, I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to becoming a health coach, I worked at a therapeutic school where I helped adolescents manage their behavior.  When I was laid off due to Covid, I decided to create a new career in which I would combine behavioral psychology with nutrition science to help individuals break the diet cycle by developing sustainable health and nutrition habits. My certification in health mindset coaching has helped me  better help clients address mindset barriers that may get in the way of change.  

As busy adults, it is often overwhelming to think of the changes we need to make so we try to make a bunch of changes or sit and do nothing. I was in that cycle for years! However, there is an alternative which is finding an individual plan that creates goals that make sense for you and builds upon your successes. I can help you develop healthy habits which will lead to a sustainable lifestyle while focusing on habit change, mindset, and nutrition.


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