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An online group to support you during your midlife transition to help you effectively manage stress, find joy in movement, sleep better, have more energy, and nourish your body.

I'm Ready To Thrive

Finally! A health and nutrition group for women age 40+ focused on using self-compassion and evidenced-based behavior change to develop health habits that stick while navigating the menopause transition. 


Learn the skills to establish consistency with your health behaviors.

Yes, I'm Ready To Thrive!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You don't feel like yourself in your own body. 
  • You want to feel better and have more energy.
  • You often feel guilty prioritizing yourself. 
  • You know that things will get more difficult as you age and you are concerned.
  • You are discouraged. Things are much more challenging than when you were in your 20s.
  • You believe going “all in” is the only way to be successful because that’s the only thing that’s ever worked. 

There is a better way!

Imagine a world in which:

  • You feel fantastic. 
  • You sleep better, manage your stress well, and have more energy.
  • You’ve learned how to incorporate exercise into your life in a way you enjoy.
  • Nutrition no longer seems daunting. You eat foods that nourish your body and that you enjoy.
  • You are empowered to ask for help to prioritize yourself.
  • You are surprised how much better you feel by implementing small changes. 
  • You are the version of yourself you weren’t sure was possible.
  • You have a better relationship with food and exercise.
  • You are more active than you have been in years and enjoy it.
  • You feel happier because you manage your stressors with coping strategies that work and make you feel better.
  • Everyone wants to know your secret.

“It sounds great, but what is the investment?”

  • Discover how to take action and get motivated to change.
  • Build upon behaviors and make them habits.
  • Master the skill to continue to take action when life throws you curve balls.  
  • Gain practical steps to make changes that lead with self-compassion.
  • Get monthly strength training workouts (from beginner to advanced).
  • Access to coaches to ask health, nutrition, fitness, and behavior change questions.
  • Monthly recipes to help you get inspired in the kitchen.
  • Continual support to keep you on track with your goals.
  • A community of like-minded women




Yes, I'm Ready To Thrive!

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Yes, I'm Ready To Thrive!

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Hi, I'm Renee Bellinger

I am a health and nutrition coach with a MA in Counseling Psychology. My nutrition certification is from Precision Nutrition. I am also certified in Health Mindset Coaching , Sleep, Stress and Recovery, Menopause Coaching, and have a Coaching Credential in Nutrition and Metabolism. 
Before becoming a health coach, I was a Behavior Specialist at a therapeutic school and have 20 years of experience helping individuals identify problematic behaviors as and working toward behavior change.  
I learned to stop dieting due to the nutrition coaching I received six years ago. I will empower you to adopt habits to help you nourish and move your body while breaking the diet cycle. You will leave coaching with sustainable health habits and a repaired relationship with food and movement
Recently, I reached a point  where I wanted to feel better but realized that my habits of neglecting sleep and stress management were catching up to me.  Sleep and stress management help you feel better and are crucial to any transformation you seek.  
There are many coaches in the health space, but few are menopause- informed coaches who  combine behavior change with a health mindset. If you are not progressing toward your health and nutrition goals, I would love to chat with you.  

"The Thrive Community has helped me refocus on my mindset and behavior by tracking my diet and exercise. The challenges are motivating, and the workouts are great and easy to follow. I love the YouTube demonstrations of the moves, they are very clear. You can go at your own pace and take what you need.  I have lost 5-6 pounds over the last month due in part to this behavior and mindset shift! both Cheryl and Renee are great guides for this community!"


"There are two things I love in the Thrive Community right now. The important information and education were made easily accessible to us, and the workouts with Cheryl. I feel so fortunate to have such amazing resources right at our fingertips. Thanks, Renee and Cheryl."


"Thrive has been helpful to me on my wellness journey.  It has a comprehensive and informative app specifically designed for women over 40. It covers various aspects of wellness, including nutrition, workouts, menopause, and wellness strategies. One of the standout features of the Thrive community is its focus on teaching users about the science and chemistry behind hormonal fluctuations that occur with age. This knowledge can be empowering as it helps provide a better understanding. Overall, Thrive has been a valuable resource for me and many women seeking to enhance their wellness and navigate the changes that come with age."

Cancel Anytime. No Hassle

You can cancel at any time. We don’t want unhappy community members. If you realize the Thrive Community is not for you, simply email [email protected], and your subscription will be canceled, no questions asked.  If you pay in full for the year, you will receive a refund for the unused months.

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of optimal health during the menopause transition. Yet, less than 20% of American Women have a healthy diet during the menopause transition and beyond (GUNTER, D. J. (2021). Menopause manifesto.)
At least 80% of diets fail (Scientific American, Nov. 19, 2020)
Individuals who develop a growth mindset towards health and nutrition have healthier eating, fewer setbacks after weight loss, and are more likely to increase exercise frequency 
The key to consistency is not doing the same thing every day but developing the skills to determine how to get the behavior done in various circumstances.  It is necessary to bridge the gap between what you intend to do and your behavior, and what is needed varies daily.  


Yes, I'm Ready To Thrive!

Meet Cheryl,


I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Cancer Exercise Trainer with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. 

I’m the owner of CLC Fitness, a virtual personal training business. Established in 2021. 

My goal is to teach my clients how to live a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing strength training and nutrition. How to figure out what works or doesn’t work for them. Learn how to commit to the process. Understand it takes time, effort, and patience because the journey gets harder as we age. But by working together we can make the hard part “fun” and the gains endless.

Kate P.

"Renee helped me realize my goals weren’t realistic and taught me to make them realistic and attainable! Now, I know how to make progress by setting baby-step goals, building upon them as I go. By reshaping my goal expectations, my perfectionist behaviors have also been reduced and I recognize when I’m self-sabotaging!"


"Renee focuses on the why, helps you reach your goals in small attainable steps, models the same behaviors that she preaches and most powerful, to me, puts an emphasis on mindset and mindfulness as a tool to help adjust your relationship with food and movement. It was cathartic to hear that no food is inherently good or bad and the concept that my mindset and disordered relationship with food wasn’t fixed. What?! Losing fat without insane restrictions?!?? Impossible!!!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior change takes time! 

Developing a habit can take up to 256 days which is why you find yourself returning to your behaviors after a 30-day challenge.  Don’t be ashamed, I made the same mistake myself for years without even realizing it-and it’s not your fault.  
Imagine a space where you will have the support to learn evidenced-based strategies to reach your goals while creating lasting habits.  
Learn how to compassionately work towards behavior change and MASTER the techniques for yourself. 


P.S. Compassionate health behavior change is the most effective way to be active and healthy as you age. You will develop the tools to have more energy, sleep better, and move better as you age. 

Amanda L.

"Working with Renee has brought so much light into my life. She met me where I was at in life pushing me to expand my definition of health because it is more than my weight. My sleeping patterns have improved, I’m eating to meet my goals but not on a diet. Most importantly, my confidence in myself has grown immensely and that has not giving to do with the number on the scale."

Jess C.

"Renee has helped me to get to the root of WHY I have the patterns and relationships with food and the eating that I do. This has allowed me to begin to unpack healthy behaviors and create new practices to lead me towards my goal."










Yes, I'm Ready To Thrive